Dorset Pine beds

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We can make beds to any size to fit that awkward space, also higher or lower heights than standard.

Even high sleepers with one short end for rooms with a stair box intruding. We can also supply mattresses from 152 x 76cm (5' x 2'6'') to 213.5 x 213.5cm (7' x 7')

in 7.5cm (3'') increments.  


 e have just finished designing a new way of making a bed where it is bolted together both ways width and length wise. This will involve assembling the long sides first and then bolting the end rails in. I think this will solve a problem for a lot of people. It means a bit more assembly on your part but means they can be built in-situ to fit the full length of the space. They will be £40.00 more for single size bunks or high sleepers. £55 extra for our Double High sleepers.

Just send us your room or mattress sizes and we will quote.

Generally variations to stock lines are charged at + 15% for the bed and + 33%  on the mattress,  (levied by the mattress  manufacturer and out of my control I'm afraid ).

Please check and double check your measurements, skirting to skirting not wall to wall and look out for window sills or radiators etc. imposing on the space.

Remember pine beds are normally larger than the mattress, which sits inside of the framework.

We can build single and double beds where the mattress sits on top of the legs (divan style) for tight spaces.

All beds, mattresses or furniture  made to special sizes or other non stock specifications are subject to a 50% deposit. We will not start to process any order until this has been received.

Should you cancel for any reason after you have been quoted and then ordered and paid this deposit, and the item is in production, we reserve the right to keep said deposit.